U-Pick Blueberries

U-Pick is a great, fun outdoor activity! Bring your family and friends to pick and enjoy some of our delicious fruit. There are plenty of berries for everyone!

You can enjoy 5 varieties of blueberries at our farm: Blue Crop and Blueray are the bulk of the crops, Earliblues are the first ones to ripen in the season, and we also have Jerseys and Olympias.

In the Spring of 2023 we planted about 150 new plants. We have a whole new row of Top Shelf, and interplanted Dukes with the Earliblues. It will be a couple more years before these plants have enough fruit to offer, but we're excited to add a couple more flavors to the variety.

Have your own buckets and containers to use? Bring them in! You can weigh them when you arrive. We do have buckets available for use while picking and some bags or boxes to take home.

ReadyPick Fresh and Frozen

Are you unable to come pick, or want some berries for work or on the road? We can help! We have berries picked daily that are available for instant enjoyment.

Frozen berries are a great way to stock up for a year-round supply. We keep bags of frozen fruit available as much as possible.

*Please call ahead for large orders! This allows us to ensure we will have enough to meet your needs. Thank you!

Hours and Prices

During regular season, an attendant is available every day from 8 A.M. until 8 P.M. Please visit our Facebook page for season announcements, updates, and changes.

2023 Season Prices

U-Pick: $1.75/pound

ReadyPick quart: $5.00/each

ReadyPick half flat box (5 lbs.): $20.00/each or 2 boxes for $38.00

Frozen 1 gallon bag (about 5 lbs.): $20.00/each or 2 bags for $38.00

We aim to maintain and nurture these long-established bushes and provide a nice setting for our customers to enjoy. We follow minimal chemical use practices, spot spraying the ground to control weeds with organic or berry specific products. We do not use pesticides and we do not spray anything on the fruit nor on the bushes.

Visit Us

5975 Culver Dr. SE Salem, Oregon 97317

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From Cordon Road, go East on Macleay Road and take the first right onto Culver drive. You will see the large blueberry sign by the driveway on your left!


Travel on Highway 22 and take exit 4 for Gaffin road. Follow the road to Deer Park drive, then take a left at the first 4-way stop onto Culver drive. You will see the large blueberry sign by the driveway on your right!

Accommodations and Parking

We offer a large parking area, a picnic area with a couple of tables and umbrellas, portable toilets, and a sink.


Pets are not allowed in the blueberry rows. If a pet happens to be in tow, we have areas to hang out while leashed, or shady spots to park in.


We prefer cash, but we also accept local checks and debit/credit cards. Please make checks payable to Thank You Berry Much Farms (TYBMF).


Please call us at 503-393-2758 or send an email to berries@thankyouberrymuchfarms.com. We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!

About Us

Thank You Berry Much Farms is owned and operated by the Wheeler family. In 2013 the family purchased a 10 acre property, with 2.5 acres of blueberries already in place since the 1970s. Until the family purchased the farm, the berries had been kept mostly as a commercial operation. The Wheeler family chose to dedicate the berries to a full-time u-pick operation.

Before moving to the farm, the family lived in Keizer for 18 years. Mike is a Certified Forester and works at AgWest Farm Credit in the appraisal department. He is a Navy veteran who served on the U.S.S. Merrill (DD-976). Cristina is the queen of the farm and also works as a part-time Spanish translator for the City of Salem. She enjoys beekeeping and is a member of Willamette Valley Beekeeper's Association. Jonathon is the owner/operator of Ice IT Support and provides technical services to the farm. He is also a volunteer Resource Leader for Marion County Sheriff's Search and Rescue. Julia is a ballroom dance instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Wilsonville and continues to help at the farm during her off time.